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Just as a Botanist is an expert in the scientific study of plants; Ash Greenhough is an expert in the science of successful branding.

She specialises in understanding the intricacies of your business - from its structure and function to its role within the commercial ecosystem - and knowing which brand strategies and marketing tools need to be implemented in order to grow it into a healthy, successful brand, that can easily adapt to changing environments.

Her expertise and passion for the subject allow for quick identification of what makes your brand unique. This becomes the seed of your 'brand story' which can be cultivated into clear and effective messaging that your customers will connect with.

Then, and only then, can the creative design and marketing work begin.

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Green Plant



If you’re after a brand consultant to partner with along the journey to rejuvenate and revive your brand, then Ash from Greenhouse is who you’re looking for."

Rachael Ferguson - CEO Synxbody

Let's get growing!

Greenhouse Studios

PO Box 7060, Spearwood WA 6163

0435 811 673    |

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