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Our Work

With a large portfolio of work, spanning over 10 years, Ash has produced work for a wide range of West Australian businesses and organisations, including WA Health, St John WA, City of Melville, Satterley Property Group and the Public Transport Authority of WA. Plus many, many more smaller, local businesses. This work has covered almost every type of graphic design project  (from corporate reports, to websites, to large format signage, to event branding) but the discipline which she prides herself in her extensive knowledge of (and that she has found herself drawn to most) is product packaging design.


A critical branding tool, packaging design is an opportunity to engage directly with the consumer and to reinforce brand identity. Understanding how to make a product stand out on the shelf is a unique and rare talent but below are examples of projects where Ash has done exactly that. The successful outcomes of each of these projects have boosted the visibility, created greater brand awareness and increased sales for each of the brands involved. 

Branded product packaging



Re-brand, including establishment of a clear parent and
sub-brand hierarchy, and roll-out of new look and feel across all packaging, website, social media, press ads, and large format promotional banners.



Developing brand story and marketing materials to bring an authentic, West Australian 'coastal life' feel to all designs. Achieved through colour choice, use of textures and layering of graphics. 

Popcorn packaging labels
Range of hygiene products by Pure Sanity



Full branding packaging, including: logo, brand strategy (look and messaging), copywriting & custom illustrations. New look and feel was then applied to packaging, website & social media templates.



Evolving existing brand elements to create new print-to-bag designs; creating sub-brand structures and colour palettes that will allow the product lines to continue to grow with clear and concise design guidelines, ensuring brand consistency.

Range of hot beverage powders by Simara Blends
Great Southern Groves Art Series Bottle and olive branch


Re-branding, to give packaging a more authentic and sophisticated look. Tweaking existing logo and using icon as a basis for a repeating pattern and supporting graphics that can be used across all communication materials. Updating colour palette from vibrant, tropical greens to more muted, olive greens. 


Biobeet Kvass


Bottle of Kvass, two Kvass cocktails and beetroots
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