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One-on-one expert guidance, suitable for both start-ups and established brands looking
to update or refine their
visuals and messaging.

Schedule an in person or online meeting with Ash and tap into her years of experience. 


After a one-on-one consultancy, audit or workshop (or combination of the three) Ash will work with you to create a unique and memorable logo, which visually reflects the core values and activities of your business. This is the focal point of your brand identity.


Consistent branding across all of your marketing platforms, including your website is key to brand success. Understanding the importance of both UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) allows Ash to create aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate websites that users want to engage with.


Product packaging is one of the more complex forms of branding, however it has become a bit of a speciality for Ash. Her wealth of knowledge in the area allows her to navigate industry regulations, while creating something unique that will stand out of the shelf.


A 'health-check' designed for those eager to improve their branding and messaging.

It consists of a thorough examination of all existing collateral, to determine any weaknesses, inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement.


A logo on its own normally
isn't enough to emotionally connect consumers with your business. To do that we need to develop a complete Brand Identity - a collection of visuals, sounds and words which make you instantly recognisable to your target audience, building connection, trust and loyalty.


Brand continuity is one of the most important factors to consider no matter what medium you are using. Trusting Ash with your print and digital designs will ensure a unified, professional branding approach. Allowing you to better connect with, and get your message across to, your intended audience,


Investing in custom illustration, unique to your business and your business only, is another way to strengthen and add value to your brand. Ash specialises in creating vector art and iconography that can be easily incorporated into both print and digital designs and enhance your brand.


A collaborative, interactive experience, designed for you and your team. Ash will lead you through a series of talking points and activities that will allow her to better understand the essence of your business and develop a compelling brand strategy.


Branded templates
give you the ability to easily create & update your communication materials 
without having to continually outsource to a professional.

Simply use this one-off service to get a range of templates,
set-up to suit your requirements.


The words you choose when connecting with your audience are a key part of your brand.

and at their most effective when woven into your brand’s visual elements. This is the very heart of Visual Communication and where Ash's own roots began. Let her experience help you to hone your brand voice. 


The branding of your next big event will be in safe hands with Ash. She has years of extensive experience in this area and as a result will make sure every invite, poster, landing page, social media post and large format display is designed to present your event as a cohesive customer experience.

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