We live in a visual world and this applies to typography as much as it does to images and graphics. Typography adds power to your brand and provides aesthetically pleasing content that captivates your audience and encourages them to read on. You might be surprised to learn how many things you need to take into consideration when using fonts. For example:

Fonts can evoke emotion:

It’s true! Font choice is a very effective and powerful way to unconsciously convey a strong message about your brand and connect with your audience, therefore the choice of typeface you use in your designs shouldn’t be random. It’s important to think about the demographic you want to connect with, as well as the message behind your brand. Understanding that will allow you to make a font choice which sets the required tone and speaks to your key audience.

Less is more – usually

The general rule is not to use too many fonts and styles, as that can look messy and overwhelming to your audience. If it isn’t visually appealing, your audience will likely turn away. First impressions count so you want to make sure you captivate your audience and create a long-lasting good impression. However, there is always an exception to the rule and a professional designer will not only know when it is appropriate to use several different font styles – to create hierarchy; displaying copy in ‘bite-sized chunks’ and ensuring all the important information is easily seen – but they will also know how to mix and match fonts in a way that is visually pleasing and does not distract from the key messaging.

Work out your hierarchy and alignment

If you have a lot of text then you may want certain words or messages to stand out to your audience. This means you should spend some time working out the best order to put your text so it fits well, makes sense, emphasises your key points and still looks aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind you will also want to ensure the alignment of the typography also works so the text is arranged nicely and easy to read. This can be quite an overwhelming and frustrating process if you aren’t sure what you are doing so it is worth investing in a graphic designer who has the knowledge and tools in place to do this for you.

Don’t stretch fonts!

Font creation is an art form in its own right and great care is taken to the details of the individual font, such as set measurements and shapes of the letters. Stretching the font to make it bigger will make it appear distorted. Not only will this diminish the quality of your design but also it could make your brand appear less credible. Graphic designers have access to many different font libraries so will be able to find something that matches the look you are after.


Brand consistency is so important. This also applies to your typography. Take the time to make sure font size, type, colours etc are consistent and make sense. Not only will this make your brand look professional but also it will show that a lot of thought and care has been taken, which will strengthen your brand.

It may seem small but the use of typeface can pack a punch if it is used in a well thought out way. You can communicate so much through your selection of font for your brand and projects. This is another reason why getting a professional graphic designer’s advice is so important!

Are you looking for help with fonts or any other graphic design jobs? We are passionate about helping brands grow and thrive so would be happy to have a chat with you to see if we can help! Click here to get in touch today!

Wow, another financial year is upon us! This is a great time to reflect and think about ways in which you would like to grow your business or things you might like to change. Have you put room aside in your budget in the past for branding? This is often an area that is neglected by businesses and can ultimately cause unnecessary panic and stress. We recommend taking the time now to think about your branding and create a plan and budget for the year ahead.

It is no surprise that we love plants here at the Greenhouse and we think that the growth of a brand is not too dissimilar to the growth of a plant, so we have come up with a list of ‘gardening’ tips, to help guide you in the growth of your business!

Light – A plant needs light to grow. So does your brand! The more exposure you get, the more well-known your brand becomes. It’s important to remember that your brand is far more than just a logo. Your brand is the core of your business and should be a critical element in your business planning – your brand affects how your company is perceived, it increases business value and it gives you more credibility. You want your brand to build awareness, trust and loyalty with your audience.

Water – Water is so important to plant growth. Without it, the plant will inevitably die. If you liken this to business, healthy flow of income is a critical component to keeping any business thriving. Like a plant without water, a business without income could struggle on for a short while – a stressful time for both! – but ultimately, it wouldn’t survive. That’s why it is so important to pour regular time and money into your brand – to lessen the drought. Despite the temptation to pull back on advertising and brand development in the busy times, remember that it is important to keep the flow of communication running between your business and your target market…connecting with the people who are not just ready to buy now but to those who will be ready to buy in 3, 6 month's time. Make time in your planning to work on getting (and keeping) your brand at the fore of your customer's thoughts, all year long.

Fertiliser – Plants need fertiliser to keep growing. Fertiliser ensures plants don’t lose necessary nutrients and keeps them strong and healthy to last long into the future. So, let us help you to make sure your business is future proofed! We can help you to redefine the category you are in and make sure your brand stands out amongst the rest. Keep your brand well fed and relevant – think about all the ways you can communicate to clients, such as social media, website engagement, print material. Connecting with clients will help to strengthen and grow your brand.

Pruning – Plants need pruning to improve growth. Likewise, a brand needs continuous maintenance in order to grow, remain relevant and never get stagnant. Make time in your yearly plan to review your branding and see what is working and what isn’t. We live in an “attention economy” so it is important to invest time into ensuring your brand is getting the recognition it deserves! The market will always change so you need to ensure your brand adapts to match with this.

Weeding – Weeding is never fun but sometimes it is necessary to the growth of the plant. Weeds can block out sunlight and steal water – which as we said before, is critical to growth! So as hard as it can be sometimes you need to take a good hard look at your brand and not be afraid to get rid of things that may not be working. We can help if you want to do a brand refresh!

Pest Control – When setting up a garden it is important to put procedures in place to protect your plants. The same is absolutely true with your brand – the last thing you want is a legal battle! So, make time to review your insurances and ensure they are all up to date. If we are working with you we will always give advice to make sure your brand is unique, your website is secure and no copyrights are breached.

The result of this is growth and development, which we think is critical in brand success. So, why not make the most of it being the beginning of a new financial year and take a look at where your brand is now and where you would like your brand to be. We would be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help!

Today is World Environment Day, which got us thinking about how we try and make our Studio as green as possible – in colour and sustainability! It is really important to us that we are always doing our best to reduce our environmental footprint as much as we can.

Digital design is becoming more and more popular which has obvious benefits to the environment. As more businesses are choosing to communicate their messages predominately via online platforms such as social media, their own website and email communications, less printing is required.

But the reality is that print based design is still a popular and effective way for businesses to communicate their brand – business cards, packaging, and flyers are just an example. So, when we are producing print materials, we always opt to use local print companies, who are environmentally aware. This means they do their best to reduce waste and carbon emissions, recycle their by-products and use vegetable-based inks and recycled paper. We also talk to our client about ways to print greener – for example, using thinner card with a lower GSM or a smaller sized business card if possible.

We are also always on the lookout for ways to improve our environmental footprint within the Greenhouse. Here are some of the ways we approach being GREEN:

  • Being an almost entirely paperless office. Almost all of our communications and administration are done electronically, meaning our print requirements are very low. This is important to us as paper product manufacturing contributes significantly to deforestation and man-made climate change. If we absolutely need to print something in-house, we use always recycled paper.
  • Recycling our waste wherever possible.
  • Harnessing the sun’s natural light. We are lucky to have a studio that is filled with natural light, so we rarely need to use the studio lights. However when we do, our energy saving LEDs keep our power use to a minimum.
  • Switching off electrical equipment when we leave for the day.
  • Using environment friendly cleaning products to keep the Studio spick and span!
  • Keeping the air clean. We are the Greenhouse by name and nature – the studio is filled with plants! We love bringing nature into the office to give it a calming vibe and improve the air quality.

Happy World Environment Day! Think GREEN!

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